A way of working has evolved for me that combines my formal training and interests in painting / printmaking media and my passion for fabric, sewing construction and textile surface design. Varied techniques are utilized in creating my textile-based work, such as various forms of dyeing, painting and printing. Surface design on cloth and sewn construction has become a creative method which serves as an integral & authentic expression.  Wall hung works are often pieced and quilted, a method which gives acknowledgement to the long-practiced, grass roots, American women’s craft form of expression and design. I feel a continuity with tradition combined with the freedom of meaningful, modern artistic expression.

Through my art I’m most interested in outward interpretation of inward spiritual and emotional states. I want my work to  portray the essential and universal truths I have realized through living, meditation and self-examination. Pattern plays an very important role in my work, it functions in the representative of symbolic imagery I incorporate in my work.

Sharing what I have learned as an artist has always been essential to me. I hope that through my teaching, creative spirits may be encouraged and enlivened to express their truths. We are present in this world because of divine creativity. It is built into our natures – it is meant to be developed and expressed, each in our own manner. Through teaching, I am grateful to be able to pass “the way” on to those who sense they may use art, creativity and self-expression to live the life they might envision.

Being an art creator is vitally important to me; it can be a vehicle for truth, to be transmitted and it can guide and comfort. At best, it’s a sacred process of spiritual growth that may be shared with others in a multitude of individualistic ways.